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Weight Management and Maintenance

At LIVE LEAN!, Dr. Lombardo (over his 20+ year nutrition career), has developed educational and inventive ways to help you TAKE CONTROL of your weight including all these essential elements, to help patients maintain their ideal weight, and most importantly, maintain a healthier lifestyle.

I Want to Share With You, The Secret of Losing Weight and Keeping it  Off!!....Dr  Lombardo

  • Program is six weeks long
  • Dr. Lombardo provides 6 in-office education modules.  The modules can also be taken on-line.  The topics include:
    1. Understanding Food Labels (How the Food Industry Misleads You) 
    2. Carbohydrates (How to Keep Them From Controlling You) 
    3. Good Fats vs Bad Fats (All Fats are NOT The Same)
    4. Understanding Cholesterol (It is Not What you Think)
    5. Calories (Counting Calories Can Do More Harm Than Good) 
    6. Understanding Fluid, and Why Most Diets are Dangerous and Don’t Work

These educational modules are educational and are a way for Dr. Lombardo to connect with you so all your important questions are answered. At the end of each seminar there will be a quiz to test your knowledge.

If you would like to sign up for the education modules, connect with our office so Dr. Lombardo can educate you with important knowledge about how you can change your quality of life, and LIVE LEAN For a Lifetime!  Call LIVE LEAN! at (888) 383-9197 to request an appointment. Ocala, FL residents can call (352) 425-7648 

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