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Virtual Weight Loss

For patients who are not able to physically come into the office to meet with Dr. Lombardo, don’t fret! Help is still available to you, but in a whole different way. LIVE LEAN! -  Dr. Lombardo has developed a way to connect from the comfort of your own home, with Weight Management and Educational Seminars that are available via Skype and Telehealth.



Not local? No problem! Dr. Lombardo has also introduced Telehealth to his Doctor supervised concierge weight loss practice, serving residents across the USA. Telehealth is a way of seeing and caring for clients and patients that have moved away, or live at a distance that makes it very difficult to be seen physically in the office. Telehealth has made it possible for Dr. Lombardo to consult with his clients, and help them reach their optimal health goals through email, phone, and videoconferencing.

Telehealth allows clients like you to get the help you need, especially for those who may not have access to weight loss programs where they live. LIVE LEAN! is happy to assist anyone, anywhere in reaching their weight loss and lifestyle goals.

If you would like to sign up for Telehealth and start changing your life with Dr. Lombardo, call LIVE LEAN! at (888) 383-9197 to purchase a plan today!

CLICK HERE:  For a Complimentary Telehealth Consult With Dr.

Dear Dr Lombardo,

After being recently diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes, I was in a panic.  I was given medicine, told to monitor my blood sugar four times a day and to lose weight.  I was also made aware that my condition would most likely worsen and I would eventually have to inject insulin.  As I left the doctor’s office, I realized I was totally on my own and my condition was out of my control.

A relative of mine told me you have helped thousands with Diabetes regain their independence which gave me hope.  She also told me that you provide Telehealth, a way to have a consult, send my bloodwork, learn how to eat properly and to send my weight and blood sugar daily.  I did not have to come to an office.  I could actually talk by phone or Skype while sitting on my favorite couch.

I never thought it was possible to be helped by a doctor who did not live locally here at Hunter Mountain, NY.  In fact, you live in another state.  A sort of virtual office.

You explained to me how to control my blood sugar with diet.  I know you could not promise I could get off the Metformin, however, when I lost the weight, my blood sugar came down and my regular doctor took me off of the medicines altogether.

To date I lost 22 pounds, have not felt this good in years and I am in control of my condition and in control of myself.  I actually feel like exercising again

My program allows you and I to consult for up to a year.  I so look forward to our virtual office visits.  You literally saved me!

God Bless You

-- Louise H,, October 20, 2016
Hunter, NY 

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