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Wow!!! This is a program I that I would recommend to all my friends!! Dr. Dean Lombardo really listened to my concerns (I needed to get my Gut in a healthy state) and I did it while loosing weight also!! He really focuses on a person as an "individual" & their individual  needs & outcome. It was great to hear, well you can do this also because your succeeding  at a faster rate than some. I like seeing my improvements/stats printed on paper each week. The mirror is telling me I'm improving and then so does "my Analysis".

I just started my "Maintenance" phase today & I feel so healthy, excited, happy & alive!! My energy is super & i'm ready to share it with everyone!! Dr. Dean Lombardo's "concept" is none I've ever heard of before. I had to hear more & find out if this program could work for me. I'm sure glad I did‼️

I'm happy light~weight now & working on toning up this new/improved body.
Thank you Dr. Dean!!!

-Shereè, January 17, 2018 


Program is very simple, easy to follow. I am in Jacksonville so I follow up with Dr. Lombardo via Telehealth - he calls me at a scheduled time. Life happens and he has helped keep me on track and accountable with daily weigh ins. Highly recommended!

-Rod, July 26, 2017


Dr. Lombardo helped me lose weight by offering sound nutritional advice and support. Easiest weight loss I have ever experienced, with no hunger and cravings as I have experienced with other weight loss plans. Dr. Lombardo also provided lots of information to help me understand why we need to eat the way nature intended us to, without all the added sugars and grains that are so prevalent in the standard American diet. His advice was life changing!

-Eileen, Apr 24, 2016

Dear Dr. Lombardo,

You have helped me so much while under your care. I had bariartric weight loss surgery and hit a wall. I was not losing any weight and became discouaged. You taught me the values of different food types and how this was affecting my weight loss process. I began tracking carbohydrates and proteins instead of just counting calories. We tailored a food plan together that was specific for me and my individual needs. You never gave up on me and always gave me words of encouragement. By taking a personal interest in me, you helped me achieve my goals, and made a big impact on my life! -Laura P., September, 20, 2013

When I first started to see Dr. Lombardo I had high cholesterol and high triglycerides. All of the doctors I saw prescribed the usual statins and told me my cholesterol issues were hereditary and irreversible. I had tried other diets before, including the most popular one that teaches you to “watch” your weight. I watched my weight increase instead of decrease, and I couldn’t understand why this popular diet plan would not work for me. I was incredibly frustrated. I was very scared to try another “diet” plan because I didn’t want to fail again. So, I had my husband try Dr. Lombardo’s methods first. I watched as week after week he lost weight. I then felt it was time for me to face my issues and focus on lowering my cholesterol and triglyceride levels. There were many difficult changes to make. I never realized how poor my nutrition was. However, Dr. Lombardo never judged or criticized me, and he encouraged and offered suggestions and tweaks to what I was eating. After several months, I went to my doctor for bloodwork and was amazed that my cholesterol and triglyceride levels are all within normal range.

Another medical conditon I struggled with for many years is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. The worst part of this condition is infertility. In 20 years of marriage, I was never able to become pregnant. Now, at the age of 45, I am happy to say I am 29 weeks pregnant. This baby is nothing short of a miracle. My OB/GYN said my ovulation was restored due to all of the nurtitional changes I made. I am so grateful to Dr. Lombardo for all his wisdom. Nutrition is truly the key to healing. I recommend his program to anyone struggling with diabetes, infertility, depression, and especially Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. – Diana P., December 20, 2015

Dear Dr Lombardo,

After being recently diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes, I was in a panic.  I was given medicine, told to monitor my blood sugar four times a day and to lose weight.  I was also made aware that my condition would most likely worsen and I would eventually have to inject insulin.  As I left the doctor’s office, I realized I was totally on my own and my condition was out of my control.

A relative of mine told me you have helped thousands with Diabetes regain their independence which gave me hope.  She also told me that you provide Telehealth, a way to have a consult, send my bloodwork, learn how to eat properly and to send my weight and blood sugar daily.  I did not have to come to an office.  I could actually talk by phone or Skype while sitting on my favorite couch.

I never thought it was possible to be helped by a doctor who did not live locally here at Hunter Mountain, NY.  In fact, you live in another state.  A sort of virtual office.

You explained to me how to control my blood sugar with diet.  I know you could not promise I could get off the Metformin, however, when I lost the weight, my blood sugar came down and my regular doctor took me off of the medicines altogether.

To date I lost 22 pounds, have not felt this good in years and I am in control of my condition and in control of myself.  I actually feel like exercising again

My program allows you and I to consult for up to a year.  I so look forward to our virtual office visits.  You literally saved me!

God Bless You

-- Louise H,, October 20, 2016
Hunter, NY 

I visited Dr Lombardo about 2 years ago and he completely turned my life around. My cholesterol was incredibly high due to poor diet. Dr Lombardo gave me the tools and confidence I needed to make a complete 180. I just got back my lab results from a recent follow up. My lipids were superb! Thank you Dr Lombardo!!!!   --Justin F,  May 19, 2015 

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