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Meet Dr. Lombardo, DC, CDN

Dr Lombardo

Dr. Dean Lombardo became licensed as a Certified Dietitian/Nutritionist (NY) in 1996 after receiving his Doctoral degree from NYCC in 1990.  Dr. Dean’s fascination with science and nutrition goes back to the influences of his electrical engineer father and self-styled “nutritionist” grandfather.

My goal is simple:  Insure that All Clients Lose Weight, Achieve Better Health and Maintain This Transformation for a Lifetime!!

“My grandfather suffered with hypertension, obesity and many other medical conditions.  He turned to nutrition at age 60 to take control of his failing health.  To his credit, he achieved vibrant health, living well into his 90’s!  He lived with us, and having him in the family was quite a life altering experience.  He impressed on me that healthcare would change to a prevention model and that better health through nutrition would be on the front lines, as it is today.”

Dr. Lombardo’s Experience and Knowledge on Dieting and Nutrition is Extensive

His private nutrition practice focuses on the nutritional treatment of diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, intestinal conditions, kidney disease, obesity and more.  Equally as important as treatment is the education to have a healthy lifestyle.  His approach is very straight forward and delivered in simple terms.  “I just love to talk about anything related to nutrition, diet and taking control of your life.  The whole process should be informative and fun.  A little humor goes a long way.”

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Since 1996, Dr. Lombardo was the nutritionist for a primary care facility, Plaza Medical & Diagnostic (NY), and treated a wide variety of conditions.  He logged over 10,000 hours in the nutritional treatment of diabetes, obesity, kidney disease, high cholesterol, breathing disorders (COPD), sleep apnea and those undergoing cardio and pulmonary rehabilitation.

Dr. Lombardo did cardiac nutrition work for NY Langone Medical Center (Huntington NY), helping their patients with high cholesterol, stents, valve replacements, coronary artery bypass and those who have suffered a heart attack.  He also lectured monthly at the Cardiology department on a wide variety of nutritional topics.

(See Video) How Obesity is Killing us

Since November of 2011, Dr. Lombardo has sat on the Board of Directors of Long Island Post-Ops, offering long-term nutritional strategies for bariatric surgery patients, and those experiencing post- surgery weight gains.

Since retiring from his New York nutritional practice in 2015, he has focused solely on weight loss and wellness.  “Rather than treat the disease conditions, I focus on body fat reduction.  Obesity has now reached epidemic proportions according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).  When we lose excess body fat, most nutrition related conditions begin to diminish, even disappear.

Unsupervised Dieting, Fad Diets and "Franchise Diets" May Actually be Harmful!!  

Dr. Lombardo’s weight loss programs are comprehensive, individualized and focus on the long-term solution to losing weight and keeping it off.  His post weight loss education support for clients is second to none.  “The approach has to be individualized, as people have different blood values, different body types, different metabolic rates, different activity levels and different medical conditions. The one size fits all approach is just not enough.”  He lectures on a variety of nutritional topics ranging from proteins, fats, carbohydrates, cholesterol, calories, controlling appetite and why most diets don’t work and are dangerous.  LIVE LEAN!

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